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For Health Service Providers


Links and Information

Please refer to this page of links and information for resources, reference information, programs, and links to groups and alliances. If you have information to add or suggest, please email waterloowellington@lhins.on.ca. 

Tools and Resources for Health Service Providers

Visit the Tools and Resources page for links and information about the following:

Service Accountability Planning

A series of guides, information and tools are available to support in the development of Service Accountability Agreements for each planning cycle. Choose the section that applies to you to access or review the current planning documents and resources. 

Multi-Sectoral Accountability Agreements (MSAA): 2014 - 2017 Planning


Hospital Service Accountability Agreements (HSAA) and Hospital Planning Submission (HAPS): 2014-2015 Planning


Long-Term Care Service Accountability Agreements (LSAA) - 2013 - 2016 Planning


Annual Plans

Read Annual Business Plans for the current and previous years, which outline our collective commitments to residents for the Waterloo Wellington health system.

Governance Resources

Refer to a list of resources and information for health system governors.

Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund

Health service providers such as hospitals are responsible for ensuring that their facilities are in a good state of repair by managing their capital assets and planning renewal activities.

The Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF) program, led by Local Health Integration Networks, provides funds to supplement a hospital’s existing renewal program and help address renewal needs (e.g., roofing systems, boilers, windows) on a priority basis.

Hospitals can receive a HIRF grant for eligible projects regardless of their own ability to raise a local share of the project costs. There is no cost-sharing requirement and 100% of the grant can be used on a single project.

For more details on the fund, please refer to the HIRF Guidelines provided below.

HRIF 2013-14 Changes – Teleconference 

HIRF Guidelines *Revised December 13, 2013 

HIRF Settlement Report 

HIRF Application Form 

HIRF Hospital Special Business Case 

Community-Based Speciality Clinics

Community-Based Specialty Clinics for Low Risk Cataract Procedures 

Application Process

The Call for Applications is now closed (as of April 22, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.). The WWLHIN received three applications. WWLHIN staff will review each application using the decision-making framework. By June 23, 2014, the LHIN will submit any endorsed application(s) to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for evaluation. The evaluation process is expected to be completed by late summer/early fall. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Application Process.

2013-14 Quarterly LHIN Reporting

2013-14 Quarterly LHIN Reporting User Guide

SRI Community Sector Quarterly Report - Orientation Session

2013-14 Quarterly LHIN Reporting Orientation Presentation 


See Integrations in the WWLHIN for details about our commitment to integration, requiinformation and resources for health service providers considering voluntary integrations, and a list of completed integrations in our LHIN.

Additional resource information: Acknowledging the Funding Support of the Waterloo Wellington LHIN