Local Health Integration Network
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Engaging our Communities


Message from The Honourable Deb Matthews, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

The Local Health System  Integration Act  (LHSIA) (2006) requires each LHIN to involve their local communities in health care decision-making. In the WWLHIN, community engagement is more than a legislative responsibility - it is key to the way in which we work.
Local decision making is the model on which the LHINs are built - a model that values the input of local residents and health care professionals in the planning and decision making process.

As the LHINs have evolved, so has our practice in community engagement. Our shared experience has led to the development of standardized guidelines for community engagement for all LHINs which we are please to share below. The guidelines complement the current practice of community engagement in the WWLHIN and will serve to further enhance our commitment to accountability and transparency.

LHIN Community Engagement Guidelines & Toolkit

Lignes directrices et trousse du RLISS sur la participation communautaire

Public Consultations

The process for public consultations on WWLHIN projects can vary depending on the nature of the project, the information to be gathered and project timelines.  Information specific to any current projects can be accessed through the Current Projects page of this website.