Our Team

The Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network team collectively brings a wealth of education, experience, skills, and talent to the organization and to the community. Team members are well versed in the health care priorities of our province and local area, and are committed to providing better health and better futures for our residents.

Leading a high-quality, integrated health care system for our residents requires a strategic range of expertise and experience.

The WWLHIN's Clinical Leads are local doctors who bring decades of patient care experience and a passion for leading the needed changes to improve care for local residents. Members of our Executive Team have extensive expertise crossing a range of public and private sectors including health care and community-based organizations. They are experts in leadership and strategic planning, as well as managing and integrating complex systems. The overall staff team is a mix of experienced clinicians, health care experts, planners, public administrators, business professionals and support staff.  Together, they bring a diverse and innovative approach to health care improvement with a strong dedication to public service.

WWLHIN office: 519-650-4472 or 1-866-306-5446 (toll free).

Manager, Health System Integration

Staff Team

Brian Bailey Manager, Performance & Accountability ext 237
Staci Bartlett Business Support Manager, Finance & Corporate Support ext 222
Karen Bell  Senior Manager, Health System Integration  ext 250 
Hilary Blackett Manager, Planning  ext 212 
Jen Broos Executive Assistant, Finance & Corporate Support ext 233
Gloria Cardoso Senior Director, Health System Integration ext 207 
Andrew Davidson  Head, People, Culture and Development
ext. 232 
Zeynep Danis Senior Director, Finance & Corporate Support  ext 216
Allana Davis Administrative Assistant ext 208
Dr. Sarah Farwell Manager, Health System Integration 
ext 228
Dr. Jenny Flagler-George  Manger, Planning  ext 221 
Krizia Francisco
Portfolio Manager, Digital Health & Innovation
ext 212 
Elliot Fung Director, Public Affairs ext 246
April Howell  Executive Assistant, Health System Integration
ext 203
Connie Iden  Administrative Coordinator  ext 208
Jill Kolb  Community Engagement Specialist
ext 249 

Bruce Lauckner

Chief Executive Officer ext 205
Toni Lemon  Chief Strategy Officer ext 206 
Connie MacDonald

Director, Communications & Community Engagement

ext 235
Leah McCreight  Communications Specialist, Graphics & Multi-Media Design ext 202
Julie-Anne Paradis  Reception  ext 0 
Blair Philippi  Manager, Health System Integration  ext 219 
Kim Pickles Administrative Assistant, Finance & Corporate Support ext 225
Thusany Puvanendran  Administrative Assistant  ext 230 
Deb Ruprecht Executive Assistant/Corporate Coordinator, Office of the CEO/Board ext 220
Mladen Samac Senior Manager, Performance & Accountability ext 218
Haris Syed   Manager, Finance & Allocations  ext 215 
France Tolhurst French Language Services Consultant, Health System Integration ext 236
Rebecca Webb Manager, Health System Integration ext 204
Zach Weston
Manager, Health System Integration  ext 255
Lesah Wood  Director, Organizational Development
 ext 247

Physician Leads

Dr. Mohamed Alarakhia
Enabling Technologies (eHealth) Lead

Dr. Peter McPhedran
Chronic Disease Management and Prevention Lead

Dr. Ian Digby
Emergency Department Lead

DR. Sabrina Lim Reinders
Primary Care Lead