Board of Directors Meeting - March 24, 2011





Role of Governance in Strategy Setting and Plan Implementation

Minutes - February 16, 2011

Finance and Audit Committee - Minutes - February 16, 2011

The Social Determinants of Health - Connecting The Dots

CEO's Report

Strategic Direction Update

Briefing Note - Action Plan for implementation of strategic direction

Strategic Direction Action Plan

Chair's Report

Module #2 Article – Planning to Prevail ‐ (Brown&Brown)

20 Questions Directors Should Ask about Strategy

Finance and Audit Committee - Summary Report

WWLHIN Operating Budget Fiscal Year 2011/12

Briefing Note - Cambridge Memorial Hospital Cash Advance for Fiscal 2011/12

2011/12 Hospital / Service Accountability Agreement (H‐SAA) Extensions

Briefing Note - Hospital Funding Allocations (2010/11 and 2011/12) and H-SAA Extensions

2010/12 Funding Allocations for WWLHIN Health Service Providers & Appendix

2011‐2014 Multi‐sectoral Service Accountability Agreement s (M‐SAA)

Briefing Note - Community Health Service Provider Funding Allocations and 2011-2014 Multi-sectoral Service Accountability Agreements

2010/12 Funding Allocations for WWLHIN Health Service Providers

Background Document #1 Community Annual Planning Submissions – HSP‐Identified Risks

Chart 1: Changes to WWLHIN CSS and CMH&A Service by Functional Centre

Chart 2: Performance Update ‐ MSAA 2009‐2011 vs. MSAA 2011‐2014 ‐ Update to WWLHIN Board of Directors

Long‐Term Care Home Health Service Provider 2011/12 Funding Allocations

Briefing Note - Long-Term Care Home Health Service Provider 2011/12 Funding Allocations

2010/12 Funding Allocations for WWLHIN Health Service Providers

Briefing Note - Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act

Briefing Note - Community Engagement Guidelines and Toolkit

Briefing Note - The Evolving Practice of LHIN Community Engagement