Board of Directors Meeting - January 31, 2013





Minutes - December 6, 2012

Chair's Report

CEO's Report

Finance and Audit Committee - Summary Report

Finance and Audit Committee - Minutes

Governance Committee - Summary Report

Governance Committee - Minutes

Briefing Note - Amendment to By-Law No. 1

Strategy Update

Briefing Note - Rural Wellington Health System Update

Briefing Note - Pre-Capital Submission Form for the Minto Rural Health Centre

Briefing Note - Langs Community Health Centre North Dumfries Expansion

Briefing Note - Regional Diabetes Program Update

Presentation - Regional Diabetes Program Update

Briefing Note - Clinical Services Redesign and Implementation

Briefing Note - Life or Limb No Refusal Policy

WWLHIN Critical Care Lead Update

Briefing Note - Rehabilitation Services – Stroke Care Model

Transitioning to a System of Rehabilitative Care in Waterloo Wellington

Briefing Note - Improving Resident Experience – Addiction Services

Briefing Note - Improving Resident Experience – Mental Health Services - Notice of Intended Integration – Amalgamation of Canadian Mental Health Association

Notice of Voluntary Integration Canadian Mental Health Association, Grand River Branch and Trellis Mental Health and Developmental Services

Briefing Note - Improving Resident Experience – Mental Health Services – Mental Health Case Management and Coordinated Access to Services

Briefing Note - Improving the Resident Experience - Community Support Services (CSS)

Improving Resident Experience - Community Support Services Update

Briefing Note - Review of One-Time Funded Initiatives

Briefing Note - Execution of 2013-16 Long Term Care Service Accountability Agreements (LSAA)