Nurse: Amy Clarkson, Registered Practical Nurse, Waterloo Region Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic

Amy ClarksonWhat inspired you to become a nurse?

What inspired me to become a nurse is a bit of a sad story. My brother passed away in a MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) 15 years ago, and it was there in the hospital, that I became inspired to become a nurse. I appreciated the effort, comfort and empathy the nurses were providing our family. I wanted to learn more there, I wanted to participate and contribute to the care of my brother. I knew that taking care of people, and helping others, was where I was meant to be.  I enrolled in nursing just short of a year later.


What is your favorite part of your role?

The favourite part of my role, is the care I get to provide to my patients.  I work in primary care, and on a daily basis I am helping provide guidance and support. I am helping my patients be the healthiest they can be, involving them in their own care paths and watching them grow.  I get to support them in the best and sometimes in the worst times.  Primary care allows me to grow with my patients, to see their happy and sad times, to know that they depend on me to help them better themselves, or to stay healthy.


How would you describe the impact you have on the lives of your patients?

My hope is after each visit with my patients, they are leaving feeling supported, guided and moving into the right direction.  I help families with the growth of their children, I create relationships with these people that last years.  I get to watch them grow and help provide care to them.


Why is being a nurse meaningful to you?

Being a nurse is meaningful to me, because it allows me to be the best me! I educate myself, learn and grow, and then pass that onto my patients. I provide empathy when they need it, celebrate in their accomplishments, hold their hand and lend a respectful ear when they need it.  Being a nurse not only makes me strong, it grounds me and allows me to share my knowledge and support to a wide, diverse, range of patients.  I get to grow as a person, I get to learn new things, I get to help better people’s lives.  Where I work now, Waterloo Region Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic, allows me to work with other nurses, to care for our patients and to have the same goals in patient care. I have the best colleagues, and that in itself makes being a nurse a blessing!!