Nurse: Pamela MacPherson, Registered Nurse, Care Coordinator, WWCCAC


Pamela MacPherson"I love nursing because you never know what you will walk into when entering their home.  I love the feeling that you are making a difference in a client’s life at a time of change or struggle.  We help them remain in their homes, pass away at home, or make the most difficult decision to move themselves or a loved one into a long term care home. I learn from my colleagues and client’s every day."


What inspired you to become a nurse?  

Seeing how the nurses in the hospital and finally long term care provided care for my father through his cardiac and Alzheimer’s journey till his death.


What is your favorite part of your role?

Helping clients on their journey and seeing a client improve or get to move to their first choice long term care home


How would you describe the impact you have on the lives of your patients?

I believe we play an important role in accessing their needs and getting them the right supports at the right time.


Why is being a nurse meaningful to you?

Nursing is meaningful to me because we help people at difficult times in their lives and everyone has a story of how a nurse made a difference, or comforted them or their loved one