Qualitative Information Sources Consulted for Development of Proposed Sub-Region:

Recent Engagement regarding sub-regions:

  • Health Links (Guelph, Wellington, KW4 and Cambridge-North Dumfries)
  • Rural Service Providers
  • Public Health Units
  • CCAC
  • Waterloo Wellington LHIN Physician Leads
  • LHIN staff
  • External LHINs

Past Engagement incorporated into analyses:

  • 2015 Waterloo Wellington Resident Survey
  • Patient’s First Engagement: Residents, Health Service Providers, and Members of Provincial Parliament.
  • Focus Groups for development of Integrated Health Services Plan
  • 2015 Governor to Governor Engagement Sessions

Reports incorporated into analyses:

  • Rural Health Care Review, Final Report
  • Community Wellbeing Assessment: Wilmot, Wellesley and Woolwich Townships.
  • Community Trends for 2013 in Cambridge, North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich:  Community Assets and Participation; Community Safety; Community Supports
  • Wellesley Township Seniors’ Needs Assessment Final Report.
  • Low German Literacy Needs Assessment Summary.
  • Building Capacity for Policy Work: What Helps and Hinders Healthy Eating, Physical Activity and Good Mental Health for Residents of Wilmot Township.