Change Day: Improving the Patient Experience Through Communication


Part of improving the patient experience is about making changes that have a lasting impact – and no change is too small.


This is why we are taking part in Change Day! Change Day is a grassroots campaign that originated in the UK, and was created to encourage care providers to make simple changes in their day to day roles or within their organization to improve patient care.


To truly reflect the patient voice, we have put our own Waterloo Wellington LHIN spin on Change Day. We approached our Patient and Family Advisory Committee to help us create our organizational pledge to promote and engage staff and health providers.



The Waterloo Wellington LHIN pledges to communicate effectively with patients, families and caregivers at all points of the continuum of care so that they feel valued.


We are asking all health partners to take part in our Change Day campaign – how can you better communicate with patients? If you could create a related pledge, what would your pledge be?


Take a moment and create your own pledge – think about a change you could make to better communicate with your colleagues, community partners and/or patients to ensure they feel valued, and then visit: to share your pledge. Be sure to tag us in your tweets about Change Day @WW_LHIN!


Example pledges:

  • I pledge to ask all patients I work with if they understand the care they are about to receive.
  • I pledge to listen more.
  • I pledge to ask more questions, giving patients the space to express their thoughts and feelings.


change day 2017 logo