Access – provide faster access to the right care. 

In 2016-17, we will:

Ensure timely, accessible , supportive primary health care for all including enhancing access for specific populations by:

  • Supporting primary care providers (family doctors, etc.) to make improvements to the health system in their local communities to connect more people with primary care and provide better access to after hours and same/next day appointments.

  • Improving coordinated care for people with complex conditions using Health Links – making sure they have a care provider who knows them and is familiar with their situation.

Provide seamless, high quality service delivery in the four sub-region geographies (Cambridge North Dumfries, Kitchener Waterloo and the four townships, Guelph and Rural Wellington) by:

  • Creating a seamless, coordinated experience for patients discharged from all Waterloo Wellington hospitals to community, including communication with primary care and community based care.

  • Developing sub-region care groups led by doctors that include patient involvement and local leaders to ensure residents get access to care, closer to home.

  • Improving the health system information that is available to residents so they can make informed decisions for self-care.

  • Building a centralized process to improve access to specialist care.

Improve access to timely mental health and addictions services by:

  • Basing mental health and addictions services on the needs of patients, including adult intensive services and centralized access.

  • Expanding the options available to residents who need mental health and/or addiction crisis supports outside of the emergency department.

Transform palliative and end-of-life care by:

  • Supporting residents, providers, and caregivers in planning end-of-life care through access to resources and supports.

  • Improving access to comfort measures for care teams to better support patients in palliative care.

2016-17 Strategic Priorities