Inform – Support people and patients by providing the education, information and transparency they need to make the right decisions about their health. 

 In 2016/17, we will:

Increase access to linguistically and culturally appropriate service and care that is welcoming for all by:

  • Assessing access to linguistically appropriate services and developing an improvement plan.

  • Linking with provincial collaborations and the Aboriginal community to locally implement directions for First Nations, Metis and Inuit Peoples.

  • Enhancing access to culturally safe services through Indigenous Cultural Safety Training.

Enhance transparent access to information to support professional, patient and caregiver decision-making and transitions of care by:

  • Increasing public access to data that shows how their health care system is performing.

  • Engaging with primary care and public health to explore need for information related to self-management and illness prevention.

Promote access to information to support self-management and illness prevention by:

  • Improving information about the health care system so residents can make informed decisions for self-care.

2016-17 Strategic Priorities