Protect – Protect our universal health care system – make evidence-based decisions on value and quality to sustain the system for generations to come. 

In 2016-17, we will:

Engage patients, caregivers and community stakeholders in the design and implementation of health system improvements by:

  • Working with new Patient Ombudsman’s Office to implement a best practice framework for a patient complaint and resolution process.

Reduce duplication in testing, assessment and service delivery to create a sustainable system of care by:

  • Reducing unnecessary tests by enhancing best practice knowledge and electronic sharing of results.

  • Reviewing patient assessments and eliminating duplication.

Integrate services and pursue new models of care to reduce inefficiencies and redirect funding to front-line care by:

  • Working with governors of health service providers to identify opportunities for greater integration in local communities.

  • Creating a value- for-money framework for health system accountability.

2016-17 Strategic Priorities