WWLHIN Board Highlights – January 2014 Meeting

Mission: To lead a high-quality, integrated health system for our residents

Vision: Better Health – Better Futures

Core Value: We value acting in the best interest of our residents’ health and well-being

KITCHENER, ON - The Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network’s Board of Directors held their regular meeting on January 30, 2014. 

General Updates

The WWLHIN Board of Directors consists of 9 members, appointed for a term of up to three years. At the January meeting, two current board members were recommended for reappointment for a term of up to three years: Board Member, Murray O’Brien and Board Chair, Joan Fisk.

In their reports to the Board, the CEO and Chair both included updates on the Standing Committee on Social Policy and the recent public hearings going on across the province. At the public hearing in Kitchener, presentations were made by members of the public, Health Service Providers, community leaders, representatives from some unions in the health sector, and the WWLHIN CEO and Chair. The WWLHIN presentation provided information on targets and performance, and spoke to the benefits of being local. Read more about the committee and hearings on the WWLIN website, at http://wwlhin.on.ca/Page.aspx?id=12790 and read the Chair and CEO reports in full (included in the Board Meeting Consent Agenda).

Third Quarter Report – Annual Plan
As of the end of the third quarter, there are some noteworthy accomplishments to recognize and celebrate, as well as a few areas where the WWLHIN team is working with Health Service Providers to manage risks and resolve any issues. 

Highlighted Accomplishments:
Health Links: Health Links bring together health care providers in the community to better and more quickly ensure residents have the right health care services and that services are aligned and appropriately sharing information. The WWLHIN plays a key role in Health Links, helping them start, monitoring progress, and ensuring supports are in place to help them succeed. This quarter two important milestones were met:

The Rural Wellington Health Link was approved, and work is now underway in this community. Secondly, the Guelph Health Link reached 200 care plans for residents and reported they are on track to meet their target of 500 by March 31, 2014.

Although they are still awaiting approval on their Readiness Assessments, the Kitchener Waterloo Wellesley, Wilmot and Woolwich (KW4) Health Link and the Cambridge North Dumfries Health Link have both established Steering Committees and have begun planning as well.

Integrated Programs: Integrated Programs are collections of related health care services that offer a consistent high standard of quality and access based on leading practice. The six new integrated programs identified for 2013-14 are rehab care, addictions and mental health, cardiac care, critical care, emergency care, pharmacy, and surgery. These programs have all been established, joining a number of already established integrated programs in Waterloo Wellington. Integrated programs improve care, outcomes and the patient experience, as well as increase opportunities for linkages between programs and cross-continuum improvement initiatives.

Project Update Highlights

Addictions and Mental Health Coordinated Access: Waterloo Wellington has many programs and services for mental health and addictions, however residents and care providers sometimes find it difficult to navigate or know where or what is the best support for them. Work is underway to develop and implement Ontario’s first coordinated access model, where “every door is the right door” so that residents can connect easily and quickly with the services they need. The program is expected to be up and running by April 1, 2014. Read more about this initiative.

Diabetes & Chronic Disease Prevention & Management (CDPM): Waterloo Wellington’s successful, province-leading Diabetes Central Intake program will soon be moving towards greater automation and will be expanded to include intake and referrals for chronic disease prevention and management. WWLHIN CDPM expert panel and CDPM advisory groups have been created, and great progress is being made on this very complex initiative. Read more.

Read the full board briefing notes online to learn more about each of these updates and initiatives.


Full reports, briefing notes, and presentations for board agenda items are on the WWLHIN website at www.wwlhin.on.ca.