World Diabetes Day is on November 14, 2014

10,000 more people with diabetes are accessing education and support services.

World Diabetes Day is observed on November 14 of every year to raise awareness of diabetes and related causes.  Healthy Living and Diabetes is the World Diabetes Day theme for 2014-2016.

The Diabetes program in Waterloo Wellington is having a positive impact across many sectors in the system. A recent review of Emergency Departments by diabetes patients shows an 82% decrease in visits from 2009 to 2013/14, as outlined below:

  • WWLHIN ED Visits by Diabetic Patients 2008: 3247
  • WWLHIN ED Visits by Diabetic Patients 2009: 3263
  • WWLHIN ED Visits by Diabetic Patients 2013/14: 586

This decrease is despite the fact that the prevalence of diabetes has increased in WWLHIN from 7.9% to 8.7% (2009 to 2012). The largest absolute decreases were seen at Grand River Hospital, Cambridge Memorial Hospital, St. Mary’s General Hospital and Guelph General Hospital.

See how we are marking World Diabetes Day in our community on November 14, 2014: