GRH News Release

January 2nd 2015

Grand River Hospital Updates Influenza Situation at Freeport Site

Grand River Hospital has the following update with respect to the outbreak of influenza A at the Freeport Site first reported on Wednesday:
  • One additional patient has tested positive on Union Terrace level two, bringing the total number of patients with influenza on that unit to three; and
  • An additional small outbreak has been declared on Union Terrace level four due to one confirmed case and one suspected case.
The affected patients are stable, isolated from others and receiving treatment. GRH is working with Region of Waterloo Public Health in determining its measures.

The Freeport Site remains open to visitors, although people are advised to carefully consider their health and that of others before visiting. Influenza and other respiratory illnesses such as colds are common at this time of year. With respect to visiting a hospital:
  • People thinking about visiting who have symptoms of a cold, influenza, a stomach virus or are not feeling well should stay home and not enter a hospital until they’ve been symptom-free for two days. Key symptoms to watch for include fever, a new/worse cough, sore throat, headaches, chills, muscle aches and fatigue; and
  • Anyone visiting a hospital should wash and sanitize their hands regularly before, during and after a visit.

These precautions will help reduce the chance of passing an infection to patients.

For more information, please contact:
Mark Karjaluoto, Director of Communications
Office: (519) 749-4300 extension 2788
Pager: (519) 244-3088