Board Highlights 

December 18, 2015

Kitchener, ON: The Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network’s Board of Directors held their regular meeting on December 17, 2015. Below are highlights from the meeting. For the full agenda and briefing notes, please click here

Patients First: Strengthening Patient-Centred Care in Ontario 

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care released a discussion paper that outlines a plan to build on many health system improvements that have already been implemented to further integrate and improve health services for residents, specifically around strengthening care provided in the home and community, primary care and public health. Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network CEO, Bruce Lauckner, shared highlights of the proposal which includes a specific focus on population health and equity. 

The plan will see Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks expand their role and assume increased accountability for health system planning and operations through primary care, public health and home and community care. The goal is to build a health system that is coordinated through regional hubs, sub-LHIN geographies that the Waterloo Wellington LHIN has had in place for a number of years already to better plan care and serve residents.  This proposal will better address local needs and is accountable to residents, reduces existing inefficiencies, improves the coordination of services and ensures that health care is delivered to all Ontarians, equitably, through four strategies; 

1. Work to more effectively integrate services to improve access to high-quality and consistent care. 

2. Ensure timely access to primary care that links patients seamlessly to other health services through shared planning and increased support for primary care providers. 

3. Create consistent and accessible home and community care services through the transfer of service management and care delivery from the Community Care Access Centres to the LHINs. 

4. Coordinate public health and other health services by integrating public health in overall health planning. 

Residents can read the proposal on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website here

Integrated Health Services Plan 2016-2019 approved: 

The Waterloo Wellington LHIN Board of Directors approved the health system plan for the coming three years. The Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP) outlines the priorities for health system improvement that directs the work of the LHIN and its 74 health service providers. The Board discussed the core content of the plan which identifies areas of focus that reflect the health needs of our local communities, while aligning with both the Provincial strategy. The full IHSP will be launched in February 2016. 

Annual Business Plan 2016-17 Principles for Development:


The annual business plan will focus on the first year of the LHIN’s new Integrated Health Services Plan (IHSP) by outlining the specific actions and outcomes that will allow us to achieve the priorities identified in the IHSP. 

The Board reviewed and approved the following principles to guide the development of the 2016-17 annual business plan: 

  • Be bold – our residents are depending on us; 
  • Continue to build on our core value – acting the best interest of our residents’ health and well-being – including driving change through improving experience for patients and caregivers; 
  • Build on areas of success and ensure we deliver on areas not met in this year’s plan including a focus on commitments in the MLAA; 
  • Implement anticipated changes to the integration of primary care and home and community care with the rest of the health system; 
  • Maximize investments for best health outcomes for all, best health experience, and best value for money with an assumption of no additional funding; Allocate funding in a manner that best achieves the goals and outcomes (including targets) defined in the ABP;
  • Address health equity and population health at the sub-LHIN level; 
  • Optimize use of technology; 
  • Implement evidence-based best practice care and reduce variation while improving quality; 
  • Build commitment and alignment – partner within and outside of health care; 
  • Learn from and share transparently the successes and the challenges in the health system through stories and transparent data; and 
  • Build a caring, welcoming, results-oriented culture in the LHIN organization and the health system. 

Wellington Health Care Integration: 

The Waterloo Wellington LHIN is committed to ensuring rural Wellington residents have optimal health and well-being by having care close to home through services that are accessible, coordinated, cost-effective and efficient now and for generations to come.  

There were 2 separate reports that the Board received: 

1. Wellington County Health Service Integration lead by the Wellington County Governance Steering Committee 

Past reports 2010 and 2013 laid out a plan to better integrate health care services to improve the health of wellington county residents.  A recent report by KPMG, in consultation with the Wellington County Governance Steering Committee identified key recommendations to accelerate the integration of services.  

On October 28, 2015 the Rural Wellington Governance Steering Committee reviewed preliminary findings and chart next steps. Waterloo Wellington LHIN staff were directed to request that the Steering committee develop an implementation plan to address the recommendations outlined in the report and to report back to the Waterloo Wellington LHIN on this plan by February 12, 2016. 

2. Wellington County Hospital Governance Integration 

The Board received an update on the progress of governance and health service integration between the Wellington hospital boards (Groves Memorial Hospital and North Wellington Health Care), which included a Memorandum of Understanding that supports moving forward with a Joint Executive Committee (JEC). The JEC will have the authority to make decisions between both hospital Boards.  

The Waterloo Wellington LHIN Board requested that a legally binding new hospital alliance agreement consistent with the MOU and an update on the community engagement findings of the hospital Boards be provided no later than February 12, 2016 for approval at the next Waterloo Wellington LHIN Board meeting. 

Next Board Meeting 

The next meeting of the WWLHIN Board of Directors will take place on February 25 at 2pm. 

 For more information, please contact:
Local: 519-650-4472
Toll-Free: 1-866-306-LHIN (5446)