Board Highlights 

May 19, 2016

The Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network’s Board of Directors held a meeting on May 11, 2016. Below are highlights from the meeting. For the full agenda and briefing notes, please click here

WWLHIN Planning at the Community Level 

Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) were created based on the thinking that those who live, work, and play in a region are best positioned to understand and plan for the unique health needs of that area. The same thinking can also apply to the neighbourhoods or communities within each LHIN. The Waterloo Wellington LHIN continues to enhance understanding of the needs and experience of residents related to health care in four planning areas which are the same as our Health Links areas: Cambridge & North Dumfries; Kitchener, Waterloo, Wilmot, Woolwich & Wellesley; Guelph; and Wellington. Planning is informed by community profiles, data, demographics and patient experiences in these areas. Some highlights of information from the local planning areas include: 

  • Household Income: The average household income range in WWLHIN is $66,956-$127,172. Wellington County has the biggest range of average income: $66,956 - $116,434 (National Household Survey, 2011). 
  • Aboriginal residents: There are 10,180 individuals who self-identify as Aboriginal in WWLHIN. KW and surrounding rural areas has the largest proportion of Aboriginals where 4,325 individuals self-identify as Aboriginal (National Household Survey, 2011). 

  • Non-English/French Speaking Residents: There are approximately 150,000 individuals who have a mother tongue other than English or French in WWLHIN. Within the KW and surrounding rural area, one in four individuals have a mother tongue other than English or French (National Household Survey, 2011). 

Presentation by Guelph Independent Living 

Guelph Independent Living Board Vice-Chair, Tricia Stiles, provided an overview of Guelph Independent Living, a Waterloo Wellington LHIN funded organization that provides assistance through attendant services to adults with physical disabilities and seniors so they are able to live in the home of their choice and participate in their community.

Guelph Independent Living operates under the philosophy of independent living and values respect, dignity and individuality by promoting freedom of choice and by encouraging the individual’s right to make decisions, to direct services and to establish and maintain personal lifestyles. 

The Waterloo Wellington LHIN provides annual base funding of $2.8M for Guelph Independent Living to help residents live independently and provide support through preventative care. 

Next Board Meeting: Our next Board meeting will take place on June 22, 2016.

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