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Emergency Medical Preparedness Program to be Launched in Stonecroft

Community Care Concepts Partnering with Stonecroft to Support Senior Residents During Emergency Situations

Community Care Concepts of Woolwich Wellesley and Wilmot offers a continuum of services and supports that assist seniors and others with unique needs to live independently in their own homes.  Over this past year more than 5,200 individuals and their caregivers have turned to us for support representing a significant increase over the prior year.  As an organization, we work daily with seniors across our townships who face many vulnerabilities that impact their ability to live independently in their own homes. 

On a consistent basis we are hearing stories of seniors who experience medical emergencies in their homes.  Others, such as family, neighbours or friends are often called upon to provide support until emergency service workers arrive.  In many cases these individuals are not familiar with where information that can be critical to EMS responders is kept within the homes.  In such situations, timely access to information is critical. 

In an effort to provide seniors with the information and support that they need to reduce their level of vulnerability, to remain independent in the community and to age well in Wilmot Township, Community Care Concepts of Woolwich Wellesley and Wilmot has partnered with Stonecroft, an adult lifestyle community in New Hamburg, to launch an Emergency Preparedness Program for Stonecroft residents.  Simple in its design and based upon an initiative available in Foxboro Green, the Emergency Medical Preparedness program is a proactive initiative promoting the use of an in home capsule containing current private and important medical information ready to assist emergency medical service workers in a time of crisis.  The capsule, which is stored in the door of residents’ refrigerators and accompanied by a sticker on the front door identifying the availability of the capsule in the home, provides consistent availability of important information during a time a crisis.  Capsules will be offered free to residents.  Launched as a pilot within Stonecroft,  we envision that based upon its success,  the initiative will expand across the community.  On October 3rd at 2:30 pm and 7:30 pm at the Stonecroft Centre Great Hall, residents are able to attend sessions to register and receive their information kit.  The sessions will also include representatives from Community Care Concepts and related community services to respond to questions from residents.  On an ongoing basis capsules will be available from members of Stonecroft’s Welcome and Information Team or from staff of Community Care Concepts.                                                                                                                     

“Access to important, accurate information during times of crisis can be critical to the health of residents and in their ability to maintain their independence.” explains Cathy Harrington, Executive Director of Community Care Concepts of Woolwich, Wellesley and Wilmot. “Whether you are 1 or 101, registering for this program could be a life changing moment for you or a loved one.  We are pleased to partner with Community Care Concepts to bring this exciting initiative to Stonecroft. “ adds Heather Weitzel of the Stonecroft Welcome and Information Team. 

For more information please contact Cathy Harrington at 519-664-1900 or