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National Report Shows Cardiac Care at St. Mary’s Among Best in Canada 

October 31, 2017 (Kitchener) – In a new national report on quality outcomes at Canada’s 38 cardiac centres, St. Mary’s Regional Cardiac Care Centre (RCC) performed better than the national average in all categories.

The Cardiac Care Quality Indictors Report, prepared by the Canadian Institute for Health Information in collaboration with the Canadian Cardiovascular Society focused on six quality outcome indicators during the three year period from 2013‑14 to 2015‑16.

St. Mary’s review of the data indicates, three hospitals (St. Mary’s, the Ottawa Heart Institute and Vancouver General) performed better than the national average in all indicators. Of particular note is the mortality rate for cardiac surgery at St. Mary’s which was less than half the national rate.

“This report confirms the cardiac care we provide, particularly for patients who require surgery and angioplasty, is some of the very best in all of Canada,” says Dr. Brian McNamara, Chief of Cardiovascular Services at St. Mary’s. “We serve a population of nearly one million people who rely on us to provide these life-saving services and many of our patients have complex cardiac issues. The expertise and commitment from our team and investments in equipment by our community allows us to achieve these exceptional outcomes.”

Indicators covered in the report are:



Canadian Average Rate

St.Mary’s ate


30-Day In‑Hospital mortality after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI – Angioplasty)




30-Day In‑hospital mortality after isolated CoronSMGHary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)




30-Day In‑hospital mortality after isolated Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR)




30-Day In‑hospital mortality after CABG and AVR




30-Day All cause readmission rate after PCI




30-day All cause readmission rate after CABG




Thanks to the highly-skilled cardiac team, St. Mary’s is able to perform exceptionally well while seeing many complex cases. Key factors in St. Mary’s success include:

  • Advanced preparation for patients before surgery
  • Optimization of hemoglobin levels prior to surgery thereby reducing the need for blood transfusion
  • Excellent anaesthesia care in the operating room and after surgery in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICI)
  • Enhanced support at home after discharge through the St. Joseph Health System’s Integrated Comprehensive Care program which ensures patients and home care providers remain connected to the St. Mary’s cardiac team, 24/7

“Our cardiac patients and their families tell us daily how grateful they are to have such high quality care close to home,” says St. Mary’s President Don Shilton. “Such tremendous outcomes speak to the level of commitment from our team. We’re very proud of them.”

St. Mary’s General RCCC serves a population base throughout Waterloo‑Wellington and from Simcoe to Goderich to Owen Sound. In 2016‑17 St. Mary’s completed the following:

  • 5,400 catheterizations and angioplasty procedures
  • 850 bypass and valve surgeries
  • 590 pacemaker & ICD insertions
  • 10,000 outpatient clinic visits



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