December 7, 2018

New Patient Declaration of Values for Local Health System

Today, the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) launched a new Patient Declaration of Values for the local health system. The new values reflect what matters most to patients and their families when accessing health care.

The values statement was developed by the Waterloo Wellington LHIN’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee in collaboration with 20 other patient and family groups from across the region, including representatives from all local hospitals. Local clinicians were consulted and supported that this initiative be driven by patients and their families.

The new Patient Declaration of Values states that patients can expect their health care to include:

  • Patient-centred care that understands you are a whole person; treats you with compassion and respect; and includes your family and support system in your care.
  • A partnership with your care provider that shares responsibility and accountability with you; provides care and support to achieve your health goals; and considers all your health needs, connecting you to health and community services.
  • Communication that allows you to be heard in a safe and caring environment; provides clear health information that you can understand; and shares open and transparent information with you and your care teams.
  • Equitable care that puts your needs first regardless of your situation; eliminates barriers to receiving timely and safe services; and is free of prejudice, stigma and judgment.
  • Continuous improvement in health care that provides you with access to the best quality of care; increases access to new innovative technology and treatments; and contributes to your confidence and trust in the health system.

The Excellent Care for All Act requires hospitals to have a Patient Declaration of Values. The Waterloo Wellington LHIN is supporting hospitals and health service providers to adopt this new Patient Declaration of Values or develop their own in collaboration with patient and family representatives.


“One of the most important things we are doing is listening to patients and their families to identify what they value most when they access health care. This new Patient Declaration of Values will help the entire health system work together to ensure we are improving the patient experience and providing equitable care for everyone in Waterloo Wellington.” – Bruce Lauckner, CEO, Waterloo Wellington LHIN


Over the past decade, the Waterloo Wellington LHIN has worked to significantly improve the quality and availability of local health care. Now, we’re focused on making it easier. Easier for you to be healthy. Easier for you to get the care and support you need. Easier for you and your family to live the healthiest lives possible.

We connect you with care, at home and in the community, and better connect your health system to improve your care experience. As a crown agency of the Government of Ontario, we invest $1.1 billion annually in local health services to improve the health and wellbeing of the almost 800,000 residents we serve across Waterloo Wellington.


Learn more about the WWLHIN:

View the Patient Declaration of Values.


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