You Can’t Heal Until You Start Talking

HERE 24/7 – Joseph’s Story

JosephMay 1, 2015
Joseph grew up around addiction. Beginning at a young age, he had regular access to alcohol and began doing drugs in his teen years. At 17, he gave up drugs but continued consuming alcohol in excess. He was an alcoholic for 33 years before seeking help and becoming sober. 

It was difficult; however, Joseph was able to maintain his sobriety for 16 years. But then, Joseph hit some hard times. Unable to cope, he returned to his destructive behavior. Seeing that he was depressed and increasingly isolated, Joseph’s sister suggested he reach out for help. 

She had heard of a new service, HERE 24/7, that offered help for those in a mental health crisis. Joseph called and was connected with Lee, a Support Coordinator with HERE 24/7. Lee was able to connect Joseph with the supports he needed to get his life back on track but most importantly, she was there for Joseph – to listen to his concerns and understand his struggles.

In 2014, the Waterloo Wellington LHIN provided funding to support the creation of a 24/7 support line for those in crisis or for those looking to access support services in the region. The service, named HERE 24/7, is the first of its kind in Ontario and continues to grow and develop to support the needs of the community.

Last year, HERE 24/7 connected 11,996 people with mental health and addictions services in Waterloo Wellington. 

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Helen Fishburn
Director of Service, CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin
519-821-8089 ext 2029