Primary Care Advisory Committee (PCAC)

Purpose and Mandate

Engage local stakeholders in a discussion of the needs and priorities critical to the success of the LHIN.  The Minister identified in her Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care that Ontarians should have “faster access and a stronger link to family health care”.  Moving forward, the Waterloo Wellington LHIN health system will be built around four strategic priorities:

  • Enhancing access to Primary Care
  • Enhancing Coordination and Transitions of Care for Targeted Populations
  • Implementing Evidence Based Best Practice to Drive Quality
  • Holding the Gains

This focus on the best interests of the residents will guide local actions to transform the system to keep Waterloo Wellington residents healthy and provide the right care, at the right time in the right place.  As a result, the Waterloo Wellington LHIN is committed to ensuring that primary care services are easily accessible for all residents in Waterloo Wellington and that the primary care sector is integrated with all points on the health care continuum.

The WWLHIN Primary Care Advisory Committee (PCAC) has been developed to engage primary care providers in a dialogue about the implementation of Ontario’s Action Plan and the Waterloo Wellington Local Health System Strategy and provide advice to the LHIN on achievement of the Integrated Health Service Plan (IHSP).


  1. To provide guidance and advice to the WWLHIN and the Primary Care Lead related to primary care activities which will support the LHIN achieving its goals and objectives;

  2. To identify critical success factors, barriers and enablers required to support and implement best practices in primary care in order to improve a patient’s journey through the health care continuum

  3. To discuss and create awareness of relevant regional issues within the WWLHIN in the achievement of the goals and objectives outlined in the Waterloo Wellington Integrated Health Service Plan and the Minister’s Action Plan for Health Care;

  4. To recommend actions to assist with adoption of the best practices within primary care and to help create an environment in which primary care is integrated at a local level within the health care system;

  5. To identify opportunities for primary care involvement and/or engagement at the local level;

  6. To leverage the engagement of existing primary care networks, committees and providers to achieve the objectives outlined in the Waterloo Wellington IHSP.